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Whether you need or want to exercise, it helps if you enjoy it. And exercise quickly becomes fun when there is a game element to it. This is called, with a buzzword, Gamification. We use game technology to make "just" exercise even more fun.


We see that gamification leads to increased motivation among athletes, as well as other audiences such as children and people who need to rehabilitate. Making your results concretely measurable also gives people the drive to try just a little harder.


You don't have to be an expert to figure out that the combination of fun and motivation will lead to better results. Children spontaneously start moving more, athletes go the extra mile and exercise not just because they have to, but because it's fun.

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Serious Gaming
Serious Gaming is a term that you come across more and more often. How do we see it? Embedded Fitness puts the focus on interactive and fun exercise. We do this by linking the latest (game) technologies to movement equipment. We upgrade existing sports and exercises with fun combined with feedback and insight into progress leading to more and better exercise.


The SmartClips is Embedded Fitness’ innovative training system. Using the latest technologies, you create a training experience like never before.


The SmartBike is Embedded Fitness’ interactive cycling system. Watch videos and bike routes from the comfort of your living room for a low investment.


The SmartWall is Embedded Fitness’ interactive wall. Specially designed to bring fun into exercise through gamification.


The SmartMove is Embedded Fitness’ interactive outdoor route. With SmartMove, walking and sports routes take on an extra dimension.

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