Who are we?

We know better than anyone how to link fun with exercise. With our modern knowledge and expertise, we show that sport is fun for everyone. We always deliver that with sufficient attention and a product that suits you. With the technology of tomorrow. With light, sound and challenge we attract attention. Stimuli that motivate your senses. Then we keep you captivated by renewing and innovating again and again. With our products, you will go on adventures again and again. In this way, our creative products create innovative experiences. We bring surprise and smiles to your face. We do this not only with our self-developed exercise concepts and customer service, but also by being creative and innovative in communication. Bringing and keeping fun in sports and games and then making people really happy.

What does EF stand for?

To each his own

Our greatest common denominator: One thing all audiences have in common. We motivate people to move more by letting them have fun. Fun provides motivation, which leads to success. Everyone in their own way.

We also dream
Our dream is to get everyone moving at their own level. And that with pleasure! Exercise can be from performance in sports to recovery training in exercise therapy. From exercise education to seniors on the move.
Sitting, the new smoking?

You hear that a lot. And it is unfortunately true. Exercise is becoming increasingly important in our society. Around half of the world’s population is overweight. And obesity in school children is no longer an exception either. So move.

Moving, do we really have to?

Only 55% still meet the exercise standard with all its health consequences. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring joy to exercise. In sports, education, healthcare and for everyone in public spaces.

Target groups
Our Projects
We work for and with

Our clients

Embedded Fitness Initiative

Sports Innovator Center

Sportinnovator is the innovation and research program of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport with the aim of increasing the return on innovation in sport and also contributing to a more vital society. Within this program, the Sports Innovator Center for Interactive Exercise was launched at the initiative of Embedded Fitness. This center is now the meeting and breeding ground for researchers, companies, governments and primary and secondary schools. With, of course, only one goal: To bring joy of exercise back to people.

Our team
The faces behind our success

Our team consists of the passionate Carla Scholten and enthusiastic people with faith in the new applications of interactive movement and multimedia. Our drive is to gain a leading position within healthcare and education with knowledge in the field of interactive movement and its possibilities for various target groups.

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Want to know more?

Want to learn more about Embedded Fitness and our plans? Or are you interested in our exergames? Please email info@embeddedfitness.nl or call us at 06 53 708 878. You can also fill out the contact form and we will contact you directly.