Carla Scholten declared a HELD!

Super proud we are as a team that our Carla Scholten was named a Hero in the Sports category at the 2021 BID Social Hero Gala. We couldn’t agree more that this award has come to her. Full of energy, she dedicates herself daily to using her Exergames, to set in motion every Dutch person who is open to it.

What is the Heroes’ Gala anyway?

Central to the Heroes Gala are heroes and top organizations in the education, health care, food industry and sports sectors. Anyone can nominate someone. A professional jury then determines the winners.

Initiative, positive and collaborative

These three characteristics play an important role in coming out as winners. The organization congratulates and encourages heroes and organizations that make a positive contribution to society.

Care, education, nutrition and exercise crisis resolution.

That’s the thinking. It is especially important now to come together, and work together to find valuable solutions to the crises ahead. The stronger certain sectors are connected, the better we can help our country solve the healthcare, education, nutrition and exercise crisis.

Versatile motion games

Carla’s company Embedded Fitness sells interactive movement games suitable for use in healthcare, education, sports & leisure, among others. Anyone, at any location, at any level, can have fun and be athletic with her Exergames.

Op December 14, Jaco Smit received the award for Carla, during the ceremony at Kasteel de Wittenburg. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, she could not be there herself.

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