Company visit Carolus Borromeus College

Today we at Embedded Fitness had a visit! An enthusiastic group of students from Carolus Borromeus College, working on developing their own business. This group of students stopped by to take a look at our place and to think along within the company!

To give the students a clear picture of how we work, we took them into our showroom. Here, they personally experienced the ways in which people can be motivated using interactive sports elements. The students were very enthusiastic about the developed games they saw with us. With fresh eyes, they threw themselves into inventing new sports innovations after this.

During the brainstorming, ideas were thought of on all fronts that ensure that exercise is done in a fun way: a climbing wall that takes competitive forms, a game that actively places the user in a game world, a Virtual Reality baseball field, laser gaming in the gym and even a surfboard that teaches users to surf without getting wet.

After this fun morning, we want to wish the students of Carolus Borromeus College good luck in developing their business skills!

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