Cycling and jumping during class

At Almere City FC, the so-called dynamic learning center was officially opened Tuesday. That is a classroom where children are taught while they are moving. Students receive playful instruction in math and language, among other subjects.

Furniture is very different
The furniture in the classroom is completely different. Instead of normal tables and chairs, there are trampolines, bicycles and tables that are adjustable in height. For example, children can learn math while jumping on the trampoline. They can also take a language class while engaged in cycling.

Who is it intended for?
This method of teaching is designed for children who are less confident or have little desire to go to school. In the dynamic learning center, they receive two hours of additional instruction per week over a 10-week period. The goal is for the students to then be firmly on their feet and enjoy going to regular school.

Children learn faster
According to project leader René Maertens, children learn 15 percent faster if they are active during class. Maertens: “Children should not learn sitting down, but they should learn in motion.” This way of teaching is part of the Playing for Success project. This is an after-school program for children who struggle with the traditional form of education.

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