Cycling around Lake Garda with brain injury

SGL installs ‘fitness equipment 2.0’

Exercise is important
Those who exercise enough stay fit and independent longer. That is why SGL believes it is important for clients to (continue to) exercise. Sporting activities are therefore offered in all our activity centers. For example, clients in Sittard can work out on the exercise bike and treadmill. But fitness moves with the times! With that in mind, on Nov. 14 at SGL activity center Sittard, something special will be launched: exergaming. A combination of virtual reality, exercise, games and entertainment, or “fitness 2.0.

Cycling in your own area
As exergaming equipment, SGL offers the “Silverfit Mile,” which replicates the experience of walking or running outdoors in one’s own environment as closely as possible, but indoors. Clients can also take an interactive, virtual bike ride with the “Bicycle Labyrinth. That way everyone can ride a bike, even if it is no longer so obvious. Clients can choose as many as 20 bike routes. Driving through Maastricht, Venlo and Roermond, as well as through the Alps, around Lake Garda or in Africa with wild animals: it’s all possible.

Fitness throughout Limburg
What SGL wants to achieve is to motivate even more clients to take active exercise. To that end, a unique concept has been developed with the company Embedded Fitness in the form of exergaming. The innovative fitness equipment rotates throughout Limburg. This allows as many clients as possible to experience “fitness 2.0. Each activity center gets the devices for 6 to 8 weeks. Then they will be moved to a new location at SGL, where everyone will receive usage instructions. The new fitness equipment was made possible thanks to the innovation budget, which encourages new ideas and developments within the organization.

Also listen to the radio clip on L1 from last week:

For more information, contact Sandra Kamperman and Milou Schreuders of SGL’s Communications Department.
Phone number: 045 – 800 08 86

About SGL

SGL helps people with a physical disability and/or brain injury (for example after an accident or  a brain hemorrhage) to still live as normal and independent a life as possible and participate in society. SGL offers a variety of treatment, training and counseling options throughout Limburg. 530 staff and many enthusiastic volunteers support approximately 1,400 clients.

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