Embedded Fitness enters strategic partnership with Janssen-Fritsen

Helmond, Jan. 8, 2016 – Today, Embedded Fitness and shareholder Achmea Zorgparticipaties BV signed a participation agreement with the company Janssen-Fritsen.

Embedded Fitness is very excited about the partnership. Carla Scholten: ‘Janssen-Fritsen is an established party with market knowledge and clout, from which we can learn optimally.’ For Jacques Janssen of Janssen-Fritsen, the collaboration is a great opportunity to accelerate innovation in materials and concepts for movement education and to provide input from a new angle.

Embedded Fitness and Janssen-Fritsen will further develop the concept of interactive movement in the near future. The emerging digitalization in movement education offers new opportunities for developing innovative concepts in education where movement becomes part of learning. E-fitness can thus help promote exercise among school youth and reduce obesity. The E-fit zone concept, which combines gaming, exercise and entertainment in various exercise games, is also complementary to parts of the ABEO Group of which Janssen-Fritsen is part. There are plans to jointly set up venues with innovative sports concepts.

Promoting sports and exercise among youth is one of the spearheads from Zilveren Kruis. The health insurer wants to help youth stay and become vital. The partnership between Embedded Fitness and Janssen-Fritsen helps with that. Jos Dijkers, Director of Care Participations at the insurer: “Among other things, it makes it possible that soon elementary school students will be playing exercise games in the gymnasium that are completely in line with the current times in which gaming, exercise and entertainment are combined. Sport and exercise makes children physically and mentally resilient and can have a positive effect within the school environment.”

About Janssen-Fritsen
Janssen-Fritsen develops, manufactures, supplies and maintains gymnastics equipment for physical education and gymnastics. Janssen-Fritsen aircraft are shipped annually to more than 80 countries around the world. The equipment will be used to teach a gym class to a group of preschoolers until the finalists compete for Olympic medals in Rio. For more than 50 years, the Helmond-based company has been developing innovative solutions for movement in the classroom or hall. The cooperation with Embedded Fitness will once again give a strong impetus to the development in new techniques and concepts. Website: http://www.janssen-fritsen.nl

About Achmea Zorgparticipaties BV
Achmea Zorgparticipaties BV (2008) was founded to stimulate and financially enable initiatives and innovations in healthcare. She has participated in Embedded Fitness since 2008. Achmea Zorgparticipaties BV works continuously to improve healthcare and therefore have an important focus on innovative healthcare initiatives.

Pictured from left to right: Jacques Janssen, Willem Bouwman, Carla Scholten, Jos Dijkers

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