Embedded Fitness with Cardio Wall Pro X at broadcasts of Ziggo Sport Formula 1

On March 20, 2016, the Formula One GP season began. The broadcasts can be seen at Ziggo Sport Live.
In the Ziggo Sport studio in Hilversum, presenter Rob Kamphues receives experts and enthusiasts from the world of motorsports such as Robert Doornbos, Bart Chabot and Tom Coronel, for example, with whom he extensively reviews the race before and after.
Guests will also participate in a challenge including a go-kart race and a reflex test on the Cardio Wall Pro X. The Cardio Wall Pro X is a reaction speed device used by racing drivers, among others, to test their reactions and reflexes.
Each guest is given 30 seconds to deactivate the activated lights with two medicine balls as quickly as possible. The score obtained will be deducted from the karting time.
Through November this year, each afterthought will feature a guest taking on the challenge.
Embedded Fitness provided the Cardio Wall Pro X on which the reflex test is done.
The first guests so far are Bart Chabot, Gaston Starreveld and Werner Budding.
Keep an eye on the race broadcasts and follow the challenge closely.
If you also want one of these cool reaction training machines in your fitness center, contact us.

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