Experience table

Suitable for:

  • Children
  • (Young) Adults
  • Elderly
  • People with a mental disability

Number of persons:

  • 1-6 people

For sale of rent:

  • For rent
  • For sale

E-fit zone:

  • Available on request

General Description:

A variety of games can be played at this interactive ‘touch table’ by a group of people; It combines the pleasure and social interaction of an old fashioned foosball table, with all the possibilities of modern technology.

Packet features:
People surround the table, which initiates interaction;
Movement is necessary;
The possibility of getting scores provides a competitive element;
There are different ways of controlling the game including dragging, tapping, swiping and shooting;
Some games include a competitive element, others are more about working together

TipTile Editor
The TipTile Editor software provides the possibility to personalize the multitouchtable’s programmes with your own photos, documents, audio-visual fragments or texts. You can add texts to pictures, which will allow you to make a presentation that isn’t just a collection of images, but also offers real content. Background music and subtle animations draw visitors’ attentions. They can open, turn and enlarge pictures, videos or text and by doing so share the experience with others.

TipTile Workshop
During this workshop you learn to work with the TipTile programme, which allows you to add photos and videos to the table. The training takes about 2,5 hours. The TipTile workshop costs € 275,- (per participant, a minimum of two participants required).

Game Information:

InAction applications, consist of 8 games:
Spair (a combination of Dutch ‘Sjoelen’, pool and air hockey. Who gets the highest score? Includes sound effects and animations.)
Woorden Sleepspel (Word Drag Game) (Drag, swipe and puzzle. Word sets include healthy diet, sports and metropolises.
Vieze Vingers (Dirty Fingers) (Make your own colouring page or drawing)
VerschillenSpel (Differences Game) (look for 5 differences per picture and see what it should be)
RaceSpel (Racing game)
PletSpel (Squash game)
Chicken Rescue
Multi BreakOut of Amoebe

Also includes the TipTile editor.

It is possible to make different setups around the table
The advantages:
Sturdy, Robust: The touchscreen is safely embedded in the table top
Control Panel is less reachable for the audience.
Appearance can be altered to fit everybody’s wishes; classical, modern, playful.

These setups around the table can also come with a wheel set, so the setup is transportable.
Available in different sizes:
55 inch;
65 inch;
70 inch;
84 inch;

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