Inaction table

Suitable for:

  • Children
  • Youngsters
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • Adults
  • People with a mental or physical impairment

Number of people:

  • 2-6 people

Buy or rent:

  • For rent
  • For sale

General description:

At this table a lot of different games can be played by a group of people; the fun and social interaction of an old fashioned football table, with a the possibilities of modern technologies.

Features of this package

  • People are standing around a table and interaction arises
  • You have to move around
  • Competition element via scoring points
  • Different kinds of user interface, like dragging, ticking, swiping and shooting
  • Some games have got a competition element while others are all about working together
Game information:

In collaboration with the company Onwijs 8 different kinds of games have been developed, like, Spair (a combination of shovelboard, pool and air hockey), a drag the words game, calorie game, search the differences, domino race, bugs in the office, chicken rescue (help the chickens cross the road) and the problem solving game Shapeshifter.

In addition, the Tip file software is provided for multimedia purposes. Create your own presentation and create an active meeting environment.

Care package: for the elderly there are different applications available that appeal to different qualities with an emphasis on working together, memory training, brain training, games, communication, reliving the past, music of the past, reminiscence. To play together with grandchildren a special grandchild package has been developed.

There is a special program for caregivers. In this way users are given the opportunity to learn about chances and possibilities to help each other in a playful way.

You buy or rent:

  • 10 point touchscreen (dimensions, 55-70 inch)
  • Possibly rebuild to your request
  • Movable stand
  • Application package and computer

Extra informatie:

  • Needs 1 power supply
  • At least 2m x 2m surface necessary

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