Sensamove Therapy Cushion

Suitable for:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • People with a mental impairment

Number of people:

  • 1 person

Rent or sale:

  • For rent
  • For sale

General description:

The Sensamove Therapy Cushion is a balance cushion with sensors that can easily be connected to a computer via USB. Via the screen the users gets visual feedback on the movements the pelvis and lower back make. By moving in the right direction you can follow instructions and play games that are shown on the screen.

With the Sensamove Therapy Cushion you train your lower back, your pelvis and your balance plus you get back the feeling in your lower back, correct your posture and you train your concentration.


Game information:

Move your body the right way to move the balls in the game to the right compartments. The cushion can also be used therapeutically. All results can be found in the history plus you can make different profiles for different users. As a reminder notes can be added at each training.

You buy or rent:

  • Sensamove Therapy Cushion
  • The standard basic sensabalance software with basic analytic software and several therapy practice games.
  • All in one computer

Extra information:

  • Needs 1 power supply
  • Needs 1m x 2m playing surface

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