Suitable for:

  • Elderly
  • People with an impairment

Number of people:

  • 1 person

Buy or rent:

  • For rent
  • For sale

General description:

The Silverfit is a system for “virtual training”. The system is made for people who have to train because of a rehabilitation and for people who have got a hard time exercising enough. Special attention has been paid to the elderly. From the health care perspective elderly and people who need to rehabilitate, need to train regularly and enough. In practice a lot of people only train with the assistance of their physiotherapist.

Silverfit has translated the most important exercises to train your coarse motor skills into computer games. On the Silverfit a three dimensional camera is mounted. This camera can keep excellent track  of the movements of 1 to 4 players at a time. Because of this it is possible to practice without the necessity of holding onto something or dressing differently. You just stand in front of the screen and the game begins.


Game information:

Different games are playable, like solving puzzles via dragging to the right position, catching grapes via standing in the right spot and keeping your hands up, and a lot more!

  • For simple movements
  • Trains balance and coordination
  • Simple games playable whilst sitting down in a chair or even with a rollator
  • Game duration around 1 minute per game

You buy or rent:

  • All-in-one computer
  • Screen with camera and stand
  • The standard delivered software

Extra information:

  • Needs 1,5m x 3m playing space
  • Needs 1 power supply

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