Smoothie Bike

Suitable for:

  • Childrern
  • Youngsters
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • People with a mental or physical impairment

Number of people:

  • 1 person

Buy or rent: 

  • For rent
General description


With this Smoothiebike you can promote a healthy lifestyle, physical activities and pay more attention to a healthy environment.

The Smoothiebike is a simple bicycle setup where a blender is mounted to a big bicycle wheel.

The bike is suitable for children from 7 years old and adults.

Combine different kinds of fruits, step on the bike and the blender will do its work.

Game information:

The smoothie is finished quickly and well deserved. You make memories and it is fun to do.

There are a lot of different smoothies you can try. Each contestant can make his or her own smoothie. It is also possible to make a larger amount of smoothie and then hand it out to others. Recipes can be included. Try to think about combinations with season fruit, like pear, apple, banana and grapes.


Extra information:

  • No power supply needed
  • At least 1m x 2m surface necessary

You rent:

  • Bike with blender and two extra jugs
  • Cutting boards, garbage bin and other necessary items
  • Cups and fruits (in consultation with the customer)
  • Assistance

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