Energy Jump & Energy Pump

Suitable for:

  • Children

Number of people:

  • 1 Person

Buy or rent:

  • For sale
General descriptionWhat is more fun than giving energy and seeing a pole light up?The energy jump or pump is a steel construction on which children can climb, stand and hold themselves. Though a build in spring system children can jump up and down at the energy jump. Or they can pump at the energy pump. A build in sensor measures the amount of times the children jumped or pumped and shows this through lighting up a pole with LED strips

It is possible to check in and out via a RFID system, which you can put to work in the pole. With this children can keep track of their scores.

Game information:
Jump or pump up and down and bring energy into the LED pole until it is fully lit.
Extra information:
  • Needs 1 power supply
  • RFID internet connection necessary
  • Play surface 1m x 1m


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