The Events van Embedded Fitness

Thanks to the mobile E-fit zone, Embedded Fitness can host events for different groups. From kids, adults, seniors to the business life. Something for everybody. At your request Embedded Fitness can come to your location to introduce the new concept of interactive exercise and with that surprise everyone. We take care of the transportation, the set up and take care of the assistance you need.


Do you want to reach your citizens with sporting activities, then we can make a good contribution by challenging the visitors of your event with sports stimulating activities. As a side event we are often a very sporty addition to other events.


Do you want a remarkable pe class or school competition? We come on site with various exergames and take care of the lessons. You have never seen such active students.


Highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle in a fun and interactive way with your employees. This can be done by placing interactive motion equipment for a day or a longer period at your location.
Employees can put a high score together or against each other. It is not only healthy, but it also involves sociability and social interaction. An E-fit Event can be expanded with various vital workshops. These may consist of chair massages, health food workshops, quitting smoking and for example finding the balance between work and private life.

Healthcare and seniors

In care homes we can also let seniors take part in the interactive movement concept. Movement is very important to your health. Those who move sufficiently stay fit longer, have less chance of chronic conditions and remain psychologically healthier. Special equipment is developed for the elderly. The games provide movement, but also for maintaining the level of coordination, which can prevent accidents such as falling.

Why Embedded Fitness?

✓ Innovative expert in exercising
✓ Experience since 2008
✓ Latest technologies
✓ Multidisciplinary development team
✓ Delivery of a total concept
✓ Support and guidance
✓ Research and technological development

Popular Exergames

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