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In order to challenge children sufficiently during sports class and have exercises that match their movement level, it is important to test the children’s movement skills. HAN’s Expertise Centre Sport&Talent, together with Embedded Fitness and BOSAN, developed a BLOC exercise test. A practical and scientifically based testing model to measure, monitor and compare children’s motor skills according to the latest findings. A database of more than 20,000 tests provides reliable validation.

✓ Light & durable
✓ Practical to use
✓ Multifunctional
✓ Easy to transport
✓ Scientifically based
✓ Extension for games in PE class

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Sideways jumping up and down:
A balance mat measuring 100 x 60 cm (lxw), top side bisonyl, bottom side non-slip. Fitted lengthwise with a topflex bar measuring 60 x 3 x 3 cm (lxwxh).
Moving sideways:
Two square stepping stones made of bisonyl with compripol padding, size 25 x 25 x 4 cm (lxwxh). The underside is equipped with anti-slip.
Backward balancing:
Three, consisting of three equal parts, demountable aluminum balance beams, with a total length of 300 cm, equipped with rubber feet and a plastic top layer. The balance beam system comes in three sizes: 30 x 79 mm (wxh including rubber base), 45 x 79 mm and 60 x 74 mm.
Eye-hand coordination:
Three tennis balls and a roll of masking tape.

Extra information:

The BLOC test (Balance, Locomotor, Object Control) is a practical and scientifically based testing model that can be used to measure children’s motor skills. The BLOC test package consists of four items serving four movement exercises and a storage bag.
The package can be expanded with two additional square step tiles to create a tile package that can be used for sports and games during gym class (for example, indoor baseball and softball).

About the Bloctest

The BLOC test gives subject teachers insight into students’ current skills and potential in sports and physical activity. The test consists of two measuring instruments:

Four tests of movement skills BLOC test package
The observation of behavior in the movement context

BLOC test package
Tests measuring fundamental movement skills primarily measure gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Unlike strength and endurance, these physical skills are easy to test at a young age. Doing these tests repeatedly increases understanding of a child’s motor skill and development, and is therefore highly recommended. The test consists of four items included in the test package:
1. Backward balancing over three different balance beams
2. Moving sideways by moving a board and then standing on it
3. Jumping sideways back and forth over a bar and
4. Throw ball against wall and catch with opposite hand.

Measuring behavior in the exercise context.
Observation of behavior in the movement context is completed for each student by the subject teacher. The questionnaire consists of 18 questions that address characteristics important to children’s development.
The BLOC test is part of HAN’s exercise program. You can receive training to make sure everyone takes the tests the same way and learn more about putting the child at the center of the sports lesson.

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