Comes to rest with

Imagine that your relaxation determines what the world looks like. You settle down which also changes the environment. That’s the Mindgame.

In the game Daydream, you play with the feeling of relaxation. The game encourages a meditative experience with sound and vision through adaptive music and an ever-changing, natural environment.
In creating Daydream, consideration was given to people who have little or even no ability to move. Daydream is therefore controlled entirely by brainwave activity or by your heart rhythm.

Suitable for:
Young adults
People with intellectual disabilities

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Power point: 1 power point required
Required playing surface: 2m x 2m
Pleasant recliner and quiet environment is recommended
A computer with associated software
The special headset used to control the game

Extra information:

Through a headset that measures brain activity, one can control the game Dreams of Danu.
The rendering is an image of a landscape changing from winter to spring, then summer and fall. This works better as one has calmer breathing and concentration.
Relax by looking at the image and try to let the sun shine.
The better one can concentrate the more the sun will shine and one will unlock different animals
Game duration (2-30min) with an average of 5 minutes
A score indicates the level of concentration
At the end, the entire running time of the game can be viewed. Thus, it can be seen at what times one was more relaxed and at what times less so

With the Daydream

Daydream is played with a biosensor that reads how relaxed you are (or not!) and this provides the constant changes in the game. If you are restless or relaxed, this can be read immediately on the screen. So you can learn for yourself how to develop a sense of calmness and how to maintain it.

Daydream can be played with HeartLive’s heart rate sensor that measures your heart coherence, or with NeuroSky’s MindWave headset that records your brain frequencies.
Using it is not difficult at all, you pinch a clip on your ear or put on a headset and before you know it, your body energy is controlling the game.

Conditions and prices SmartSkate:



€2000 per day