Exercise bike on game basis

The Gamebike is an exercise bike linked to an old-fashioned but still super cool computer game. By pedaling and steering well, the game – preferably a racing game – can be played. It requires a lot of concentration and control to stay well on the road and not crash. One feels completely included in the race. Both alone and against friends and colleagues, one is motivated to be the first to cross the finish line. The burning of calories is stimulated, eye-hand coordination and concentration trained and fitness improved.

Suitable for:
Young adults
People with intellectual disabilities

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Set of 2 bikes (matrix or kettler, but other model is possible)
Computer with the game: Downhill
Power point: 2 power points required
Required playing surface: 3m x 3m

Extra information:

These bikes are linked to a computer. By pedaling and steering properly, the user must finish as quickly as possible. If you steer wrong, you can crash into a tree or go off the track. With the Gamebike, play the game Downhill with 3 different courses.
Training of fitness, concentration and eye-hand coordination
Highscore in time indicated;
Play time +/- 1.5 minutes;
Up to 2 players at a time

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About the Gamebike

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€2000 per day