The interactive dance platform

Get those hips shaking! Dance until you drop! All statements from people who love to dance. With the SmartDance, experience what it’s like to dance virtually against each other. Show that you have the best sense of rhythm and dance yourself to victory!

In addition, this dance mat is not just about dancing. The SmartDance is multifunctional due to its diversity of content. The dance mat includes additional athletic games. This allows you to compete with each other and see who belongs best on the athletic track!

Because the SmartDance features different levels, it is applicable for various audiences. Thus, not only children, but also adults can compete.

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Specifications SmartDance basic set
Computer with software (linux operating system)
4 Wireless dance mats (switch up to 32 mats)
Dansmodule inclusief liedjes
Athletics module with running, long jump and javelin throw (max 8 participants)
Keyboard and mouse

Specifications SmartDance Dance Mat each
Dimensions mat l x w x h: 86.5 x 86.5 x 3
Includes 2 AA batteries
Specifications SmartDance shoulder bag
Carrying bag to move max 6 mats in.

Matt bag made of PVC cloth.
Matt bag printed with Logo.

Extra information:

Dance mat
The first feature present on the SmartDance is all about dancing. Through different music categories, you can choose songs you want to dance to. Currently, the Soul, Pop and Jazz categories are present on the SmartDance dance mat. In addition, you can also play your own songs. Compete against your friends or classmates and see who has the best dance moves!

Athletics games
The second function of the SmartDance is all about sports. Through various athletic games, you can actively move on the dance mat. Compete on the dance mat and see who is the most athletic!

Have all children play gym at the same time with the SmartDance. Great to use as a warm-up or just as an end game of a gym class. On the one hand, children feel a connection with each other; on the other, they want to show that they are the best. You can do this by setting the highscore!

The SmartDance is ideal for use within the leisure sector. The means to give your organization in the Leisure market some extra innovation. Which of your friends is the most flexible in the hips?

The diversity of function of the SmartDance makes it excellent for use in sports. This product is an ideal tool for maintaining both fitness and coordination.

Let’s dance!
About the SmartDance

The Game2Move dance mat, also known as SmartDance, is a popular video and dance platform played with the feet. When performed properly, many calories are burned and points can be scored for a high score. Eye-foot coordination is very important in this game. The songs are adjustable at a low to expert level, so beginners as well as those at a high level can dance together. The mats can be switched up to 32 mats wirelessly. With large groups, one can dance simultaneously, even at different levels.

The SmartDance is equipped with additional Athletic games. The name says it all: games focused on athletics. Simultaneously, up to 8 participants can compete in various competitions. Thus, the dance mat is multifunctional and can be used not only for dancing.

The diversity and ease of use of the SmartDance allows the dance mat to be used for multiple purposes. For example, the SmartDance is well suited for the following audiences.

Conditions and prices SmartSkate:



€2000 per day