A real workout and good for fitness!

Can you row as well as Nico Rienks?
Rowing is known to be one of the toughest sports out there. It is a real workout and excellent for building your fitness. Many people think you can only row outdoors, but through various rowing machines, this is also possible indoors.

Embedded Fitness is giving indoor rowing an innovative boost with its SmartRow. Through the SmartRow, you can row a virtual course. Courses include the famous Boat Race on the Thames between Oxford and Cambridge. So compete virtually now at the most famous places in rowing!

✓ Interactive training system
✓ Fitness
✓ Workout
✓ Endurance training.
✓ Training of concentration ability
✓ Realistic

Featured: Smartrow


Set of 2 Concept-2 rowing machines or complete rowing boat setup
Choice of screen or beamer
Software on computer with controls

Extra information:

Number of persons: 1 to 4 persons
Power point: 2 power points required
Required playing surface: 3m x 2m (arrangement of 2 draft-2)
Linkable to RFID for check in – check out

Innovative rowing course
About the SmartRow

You can connect the SmartRow to up to 4 Concept 2 brand professional rowing machines. This allows you to row directly against an opponent via the screen. The Concept-2 uses wind resistance generated by the spinning flywheel. This makes the SmartRow a real workout and excellent for fitness. The fact that you are also interacting through the screen makes the SmartRow a real experience!

Through the screen, you can complete different courses. These are well-known courses among the sport of rowing. In addition, you can save Highscores and rankings can be refreshed. This allows you, as a professional, to try to improve your own time, so you are training in a focused way. You can also compete with your friends or colleagues and see who has the best fitness.

Course distances vary between 250m and 6.5km. In this, 250m is roughly known as 1 minute of rowing. This allows you to practice brief and focused practice with, for example, takeoff. But also doing long exercises where you really improve your fitness.

Embedded Fitness developed the SmartRow in collaboration with several parties (DSM, AEGON, Volans and sensor partners), which was also placed in the Holland Heineken House during the London Olympics and at the Science Center in NEMO Amsterdam. This involved combining a Concept-2 with a real rowing boat, the Volans2.

Conditions and prices SmartSkate:



€2000 per day

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