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Ice skating is immensely popular among the Dutch. This is why we always find it unfortunate that we have to wait so long until we can skate on natural ice. And when we can finally skate, the ice is gone after a week. For avid skate enthusiasts, Embedded Fitness has a solution, the SmartSkate!

The SmartSkate allows you to virtually skate on a slippery slab. This is converted to an interactive game, making it really look like you are skating. This allows you to go skating at any time of the year.

✓ Interactive training system
✓ Alternative skating
✓ Entertainment
✓ Training legs
✓ All year round

Featured: SmartSkate


A wooden frame with slide plate.
Sensors with arduino measuring speed of skating motion
Software on computer including controls.
The multiplayer variant can be rented or purchased for an additional cost

Extra information:

Number of persons: 1 – 2 persons
Power point: 2 power points required
Required playing surface: 3m x 2m (single player version)
Linkable to RFID for check in – check out

How does it work?

Embedded Fitness has paired such an exercise board with a game, using sensor technology to convert skating motion into forward motion. This allows you to skate virtually and interactively. With special socks that are put over the shoes, you glide across a slippery board and skate a course. The goal is to set the best possible time and break high scores of yourself or others. The course is a nice virtual tour of natural ice or a competition in an ice stadium. The SmartSkate can be used by both amateurs and professionals. You can have a quiet game of skating or beat your friends fanatically. You can also work on your skating technique, making you even better as a professional.

Conditions and prices SmartSkate:



€2000 per day

Rent & Buy