Improvement of the SmartClips by Fontys students and teachers

Unique collaboration between Embedded Fitness and Fontys Paramedical College regarding the SmartClips!









The SmartClips
The SmartClips are known for the interactive training system with LED lights that make exercise many times more fun! Through our own “SmartClips App,” you can create your own workout. The reaction lights then test your body in terms of reaction, coordination, strength and speed. There are many opportunities with this system for education, the fitness industry, physical therapists and the healthcare industry.

The Collaboration
In order to use the SmartClips in a more efficient way within physical therapists, we enlisted the help of Fontys Paramedical College. Physical therapy students from Fontys Paramedical College have been working with our SmartClips. Since we do not have specific exercises for certain conditions, this was the focus. Fontys Paramedical College went in search of suitable exercises for certain conditions. This involved looking at how the SmartClip can be used.

For a period of time, the SmartClips were actively used by both students and teachers at Fontys Paramedical College. An evaluation form allowed both students and teachers to share their experiences with the SmartClips. This can then be taken by Embedded Fitness for further development of the clips.

In addition, we believe there are too many people who struggle with exercise limitations due to hip problems. For this, we want to take action with our SmartClips. We are developing certain exercises that contribute to hip problems in the Netherlands. We believe that Fontys Paramedical College can make a good contribution to this. Perhaps this could be a good project for the future!

We have found the cooperation with Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool very pleasant and look forward to the future as partners! Click here for the article on the Fontys website.

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