Innovative SmartBike soon on the market!

Innovation question

In an earlier project for libraries, Embedded Fitness developed a cycling system where people could listen to an audio clip while cycling. This so-called Listening Bike was very well liked by many users. However, the question arose whether it was also possible to play video clips. Embedded Fitness went into research and developed the SmartBike as a result!

The SmartBike

The concept of the SmartBike is quite simple. First, the user receives a motion sensor. The sensor is easy to place on any exercise bike or minibike. The sensor then records the user’s revolutions. Based on the revolutions, the video clip plays faster or slower. Audio and video clips can also be started by the sensor.

Second, the user receives a tablet. On the tablet, the available SmartBike application is downloaded. Through this app, the user can stream audio and video clips from the Internet. The tablet can be mounted on an exercise bike making it possible for the user to move, listen and watch at the same time. To stream the audio and video clips, however, internet is required. However, it is possible to put content on the tablet in advance so that the user can get started even without the Internet. The tablet can also stream to a smart TV, so the image can be projected larger. The images below show you a first impression of our SmartBike application!


Enjoying sports and exercise is incredibly important! In addition, bicycling is an accessible way for the elderly to get exercise. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, it is not always feasible to go outside. Besides, cycling on an exercise bike or motomed is a lot less fun. This innovative development will make exercise more enjoyable and accessible to the elderly. Through our bicycle streaming, they can experience their own favorite audio or video clips. With this, our goal is to remove barriers due to age, physical or mental health, ethnic background or social position!

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