iSkate at exhibition The 80s at the North Brabant Museum

Exhibition The 80s. Doomsayers and positivists in Het Noordbrabants Museum,’s-Hertogenbosch 2017. Photo: Joep Jacobs.

From the inauguration of Queen Beatrix to the fall of the Berlin Wall, from Doe Maar to Madonna and from the discman to the Nintendo Game Boy. The 1980s were eventful years and inspired language innovators Van Kooten and De Bie to coin terms like doomsayers and positivists. Relive highs and lows in politics & society, innovation & technology, environment & health, fashion & music, film & TV and sports in the exhibition.

Also two Elf-city races and many medals by Yvonne van Gennip in these years. Hence, our ice skating simulator was allowed to be a part of the exhibit, allowing visitors to skate a victory themselves.

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