Moving more in the workplace

Sitting is the new smoking, exercise reduces the risk of dementia, exercise is good for the mind, exercise leads to less obesity. We could go on like this for a while. Move, move, move…… must, must, must.

Yes, yes, I hear you thinking; I really do know that exercising more is good for me, but when should I do it? I have a busy job and have you seen my private schedule? Just no time, and actually no desire, because I just don’t like practicing. See, that’s fair. Many people don’t actually enjoy moving, especially if you feel you have to move.

That’s what we, Embedded Fitness, specialize in. Having fun moving and in a way that you can easily fit into your daily life.

What if you could enjoy moving while working on location?

One possibility is to quit your current job and apply to a hip IT startup. You know, working in an old industrial building surrounded by hip beanbags, table tennis tables and a foosball table. But, whether that is a solution?

You can also make your current work environment a little more athletic and fun. Because that’s what it’s all about; Making exercise more fun. Adding an element of play or competition to sometimes very simple things like climbing stairs so that you move without actually realizing it. So from having to move, to wanting to move. And not with one of those dull mini bikes under your desk. You use that for exactly one week, then it goes into the broom closet along with the skippy ball, mothballed or not.

Game, competition, fun, funny, challenging….. these are the things we have combined in our exergames.

Our what? Exergames… We make exercise such as walking, running, climbing stairs, aiming and throwing fun, because we incorporate (video) game principles into these activities. And that’s fine in the office, the stairwell, the cafeteria or in and around the building.

Solve puzzles with your smartphone by walking an interactive route along smart poles during lunch breaks(SmartMove). You can do meetings while walking. Create an interactive agenda, the time between posts is the maximum time you can spend on a topic. Make your meetings or one-on-one conversations fun, healthy and effective.

With our SmartClips, for example, you can make climbing stairs fun again. Improve your intermediate times, beat colleagues or try to run so many steps in a month that you have reached the top of Mont Blanc (virtually, but still).

Need to play darts, basketball, target shooting or chess between meetings? Can we arrange without structurally remodeling the property. Or are you having a bad day and things are not working out the way you had planned? Happens to all of us. But don’t take that feeling home with you. Before you go home, go throw in some windows in the cafeteria or flatten some scary animals. No, you don’t have to fear summary dismissal, or arrest by the neighborhood cop on duty. Even the animal protection authorities leave you untouched. You do all that virtually. With our SmartWall, you can turn almost any wall into a smart wall. On it we project games (like throwing in windows) that you control with good aiming and throwing balls. How nice. And, you don’t even realize it, you’re moving…..

Now only to convince the management.

We also make that fun. Introduce this idea to your management and if you manage to get us to the table for a serious discussion with the management or those responsible for a healthy and fun work environment, we will give you the SmartWall and the SmartClips in the workplace for a day. And to stay in sports terms: Not shot is always wrong.

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