National recognition for center that gets kids playing sports

Helmond’s exercise education innovation center has received recognition as a Sports Innovator Center.

Monday was the kick-off. The center aims to literally move education forward. This must be done by bringing athletic innovations into education. Probably also in Eindhoven. Among others, former PSV goalkeeper Hans van Breukelen attended the launch.

Eindhoven schools
Sports for children are important for health. Moreover, good health in turn contributes to good learning. Children sit in class all day and exercise can help promote concentration. Eindhoven schools are also interested. ‘Almost everything is being digitized. These devices allow children to get lots of exercise in a limited environment. That seems fantastic,” says Harry Voss of the Eindhoven SALTO schools.

Technology is expensive, so the Eindhoven schools are engaging with the organization and the municipality to discuss what the options are. Who knows, Eindhoven children may soon be able to receive math lessons at school while jumping trampolines.

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