Which SmartClips suits you best?

Set van 8 SmartClips met een jaarlicentie voor de downloadable app.

Set van 4 SmartClips met een jaarlicentie voor de downloadable app.

1 SmartClip met een jaarlicentie voor de downloadable app. De Uno wordt geleverd met oefeningen uitvoerbaar met 1 Smartclips voor oefentherapie.


We prepare the tablet for use, download the app. Please note, for updates, it is important to create your own Gmail account for the Google App Store. For this we provide a simple guide.

You get 2 SmartPads and 2 SmartCaps! The SmartPad is a protective foam layer that you can press the SmartClips into for safety and balance. The SmartCap is a holder for the SmartClips with nano suction cups. With which the SmartClips can be attached to anything, including all smooth surfaces. The SmartCap can be easily pulled off the surface again and reused.

Order total:

Which SmartClips suits you best?

SmartClips unoSmartClips advancedSmartClips Complete
Number of SmartClips1 SmartClip-node4 SmartClip-nodes8 SmartClip-nodes
Charging formHolder with micro USBCase & holder with USB 2.0Case with Ac Adapter
Quick Manual
Attachment toolkit


You certainly can, you are always welcome in our experience center in Helmond, you can try our other interactive products right away. Please do call for an appointment; we want to be able to accommodate you as best we can.

Just ask for a demo set sometime. We are happy to lend the SmartClips to you for a week. We do consult first on how and when, our stock of demo sets is limited.

Sure, you can expand the number of SmartClips to a maximum of 12. And all controlled with one app.

We are constantly working to improve the app. Both to the technical operation (bugfixing), but also to the expansion with new exercises and functionalities. We will keep you informed when a new version is available.

The SmartClips are great for outdoor use, the LED lights are adjustable and the SmartClips are splashproof. Try to avoid direct sunlight in the sensor as much as possible, and in the outdoor area the distance between the Clips does need to be less than the 35 meters you can achieve indoors.

The batteries last at least 8 hours on one charge. By the way, you conveniently charge the SmartClips in the included pouch or case.

We always work with state-of-the-art technology: The SmartClips use advanced Bluetooth Mesh technology. That means a very fast and stable connection with very low power consumption. The SmartClips operate for a minimum of 8 hours on a battery charge. The SmartClips have (adjustable) motion sensors that you can easily set for sensitivity and minimum distance. This makes them even more widely applicable, for example, in agility training or in rehabilitation. Another great advantage is that you don’t have to touch the SmartClips to deactivate them; hygienic and safe.

Very simple. On the ground is not that complicated. The SmartClips have magnets built in, so they can be attached to any metal object. They also have Velcro on the back. the included attachment kit includes Velcro strips (self-adhesive) to attach the SmartClips. And with the optional SmartCap, a holder with nano suction cups, you can attach the SmartClips to all smooth surfaces.

Yes, turn on the SmartClips, launch the app and let the app scan the number of SmartClips you want to use. Press connect and the Clips are ready to use. Choose the exercise or set your own and get started.

De SmartClips Advanced set zit in een stevige etui, waarin oplader en bevestigingsmateriaal is toegevoegd. The Smartclips Complete is a handy case. The Clips can be charged through the case with the included charger. The separate compartments in the case also allow you to store your tablet and mounting hardware.

Usually the answer is yes. Of course, it depends on what is important in your sport. We have already added exercises for soccer, field hockey, tennis and fitness. But Important is to know what you want to train in your sport, speed, agility, viewing, balance ed. We mainly develop exercises that are measurable and often used as tests in training, such as 30m sprint, T-test and the like. These practice tests are included in the app.

In the development of the app, we focus on things like, balance, responsiveness, fitness, as well as agility and viewing skills, which are applicable in multiple sports. So with the SmartClips, you are not tied to pre-programmed exercises and workouts per sport or activity. In addition, you can build exercises in the app. With this, the SmartClips offer almost endless possibilities.

Certainly, we see good results in exercises with Parkinson’s patients. Initial studies show reduction in fall risk and improved balance. We also have exercises for CVA problems and hip rehabilitation. In cooperation with knowledge institutions and the field, we validate and adapt the exercises.