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Which SmartWall is the best fit for you?

The SmartMove project which is operated exclusively with the SmartMove app.

The SmartMove project which would be primarily operated with the SmartMove Column and has integration to also be operated by the SmartMove app. By using the column, users do not need to install a mobile app and can play games with the SmartMove modules through the SmartMove column.


How many modules would you like to purchase?

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How do you create a Smartmove route?

We are tackling this project by project. We go through a number of phases that can sometimes run in parallel. Overall, a lead time of 7 – 9 months is assumed.
Also consider the possibility of working with partners in your region. But a round of neighborhood. Put a Smartstone at an association, community building or business owner. Do they want to adopt a SmartStone? Have participants collect points spendable at participating organizations. That’s how you really create synergy.

1. Elaborate concept, determine preconditions

We discuss the client's objective. What target group(s) is it about, what is the location. What preconditions are there.

2. Establish Smartmove route.

We determine the number of Smartstones and the distance to the SmartStones. If we opt for a setup with a column, where games can also be controlled without a Smartphone, then this affects the distance between the SmartStones.

3. Design SmartStones.

Do we opt for a standard design or is it desirable that the SmartStones be integrated into the environment or have their own logo.

4. Manufacturing SmartStones.

Both the inner and outer housings are manufactured in the Netherlands. All designs are vandal-proof and weatherproof.

5. Develop App.

By joining the Smartmove concept, you can take advantage of all the games available in the app. If you want a custom-made game, you can. Together we design and develop this and customize the app accordingly.

6. Placement of SmartStones.

Depending on the existing power infrastructure, we determine the work for installation. In cooperation with your installers, we plan the installation.

7. Commissioning, communication.

After a testing phase, it is time to start the communication and we can start to set the first celebratory high score.


You certainly can, you are always welcome in our experience center in Helmond, you can try our other interactive products right away. Please do call for an appointment; we want to be able to accommodate you as best we can.

You can also try out the SmartMove in municipality of Breda next to the town hall or in municipality of Venray at elementary school de Klimboom

We develop specific SmartStones and games for each location, municipality, healthcare facility or school environment to suit the target audience. Existing games can be played in new locations, but it is also possible to have your own content and games developed.

We are constantly working to improve the app. Both to the technical operation (bug fixing), but also to the expansion with new games and functionalities. We will keep you informed when a new version is available.