How do I choose my optimal Smartwall design?

We will go through the following steps with you:

1. Who is your target audience?

What themes are important and are there boundary conditions in management and use.

2. To move or not to move?

Do you have a fixed location or want to share and sometimes move the Smartwall.

3. Location

Sometimes taking learning to the gym is less appropriate than moving to the classroom. We therefore advocate placing the Smartwall in an exercise room in the school more often than in the gymnasium. That's exactly where you have to run hard. And in school, very simple groups of students can expend their energy for a while and get smarter right away. Two birds with one stone.

4. Appropriate arrangement

Depending on the location and variant choice, we examine light and altitude conditions. So you get best fitting arrangement.


The SmartWall is a Dutch product. The games are also developed in the Netherlands. Especially in moving learning, this is important because we work with government-determined educational goals and curricula. It also means that in case of support, we are ready immediately and we are always close by.

The games are developed in collaboration with the field and with existing relationships. Because of this, we are sure that the games are also well suited to the different audiences.

Usually the answer is yes. Of course, it depends on the specific needs of your target audience.

The SmartWall is very suitable for education (movement education and movement learning) with specific games, but we have used the SmartWall ok in healthcare, at events, in vacation parks etc. But if in doubt, you can always give us a call. Or make an appointment for a demonstration.

The SmartWall comes with two key components. The SmartWall itself, a ball-proof unit containing the projector, computer, camera with sensors and a soundbar. And, to operate and set up the SmartWall you use the included tablet. The games are projected on an ordinary wall and you play the games by throwing balls or using foam sticks. After use, you turn off the SmartWall and the space can be used again for other purposes.

The short answer is no. Turn on the SmartWall using the tablet, launch the app and choose the game you want to play. That’s it.

You can, the SmartWall is offered in two versions. A fixed arrangement mounted on the ceiling. The advantage is that it makes use even easier. Turn on and play. But if you want to use the SmartWall in different locations, we offer as an extra, a tripod and flight case. This makes the SmartWall easy to move and use in different locations. Set-up and setup takes less than 15 minutes.

No. We work with very powerful projectors, allowing play in daylight. Ideally, we work with a less bright space. Sometimes screens for the windows help well, and a white wall makes detection even better. If you are unsure about the space, we would be happy to look with you.

The first year includes a maintenance contract. This gives you access to all games. There are currently more than 50 of them. Plus, you get 5 extra games per year and free access to our help desk. After the first year, you can take out an extension of the maintenance contract that allows you to keep the right to use all the games. Without a maintenance contract, some games are no longer playable.

We are constantly working to improve the app. Both to the technical operation (bug fixing), but also to the expansion with new games (5 per year) and functionalities. We will keep you informed when a new version is available. Updating is easy. Connect the SmartWall to the Internet and the update will be downloaded. For example, we are currently working on being able to use Youtube through the Smartwall as well.

Certainly, we are getting more and more interest from education. This SmartWall features the specific educational games. Please contact us for more information.