Therapy adherence is quite a thing

55% of clients do not perform exercises or do not perform them adequately. Nothing new for you as a professional. But annoying, or perhaps even frustrating.

Is it your passion and goal to provide clients with the best possible rehabilitation?

In many cases, that includes practicing (at home). But, that’s where things often go wrong. People don’t like to exercise and so compliance is often far from being achieved.

Do you recognize the following “symptoms”:

  • “Am I doing it right?
  • “Am I really moving forward?”
  • And of course, “Yeah but, it’s so boring.”

Do you think fun in the recovery process for your client is also important?

Measurability and motivation are the
key drivers of adherence.

The SmartClips Health, a further development of the SmartClips Sport, help you bring (back) the fun of exercise to clients. SmartClips are interactive nodes with LED lights and a motion sensor.

By “swiping” you deactivate the lights. Simple, but with infinite possibilities. Think reaction speed training, running a course, knee lifts, squats……

The lights, sound and objective results make practice much more exciting and fun. Clients find new motivation and suddenly exercise is not boring.

The app, which controls everything on a phone or tablet, is full of existing exercises. So, turn on, choose exercise and play. Review progress with your client and use the results to discuss appropriate follow-up exercises.

The comprehensive app, makes exercise results objectively visible and measurable: With figures and graphs.

By the way, you can add exercises of your own

Pretty convenient. Because you can set almost everything individually. Such as trigger distance, response time, number of SmartClips, color and sound.

The exercises in the app were developed together with Basalt Rehabilitation, among others, and come straight from practice.

Are the SmartClips right for you and your clients?

Yes, because besides the fact that the SmartClips can directly help you and your clients exercise better and more enjoyably, you can also use them for other sports activities. Perhaps you too are thinking about expanding your activities.

Seeing is believing, right?

Request a demo set. We’ll loan you a set of 4 clips for a week so you can decide for yourself if the SmartClips are for you.