SmartClips, makes training fun, effective and measurable

SmartClips, the interactive training system for athletes
The SmartClips are reaction lights, it's that simple

Specially designed for (pro) athletes who want to train efficiently and measure this.

Why the SmartClips from Embedded Fitness?
The SmartClips were developed in the Netherlands. This means that in case of support, we are ready immediately and we are always close by. We use the latest sensor and communication technology for accurate measurements and clear overview. And the trainings and tests in the app are developed in cooperation with Dutch centers of expertise and (top) sports organizations. This gives you the assurance that the exercises are perfectly suited to your specific needs. Whether you are trainer/couch amateur or elite athlete. We continue to develop the SmartClips, which means regular updates, and new training and testing.
Review by Lori, Training Center Teun and Paul

The SmartClips are convenient to use, very versatile and easy to carry and attach.

Review by Richard, Evean

The Clips are practical and nice that it is compact in one case. In addition, it is a really user-friendly product where you directly train the cognitive brain as well.

Review by Sanne van der Ark, Basalt Rehabilitation

I actually use the SmartClips with all my patients, I have multiple disabled children (they already like the look of it). The higher level kids do enjoy course/tick games.

Review of Activite

For our nursing home, we deployed the smartwall, smartclips and the smartbike. Super nice and good to use in exercise for our residents. Fine guidance from Embedded Fitness.

Review by Arthur Martens, Bundle Care

A very nice advantage of the smartclips is the fact that we can use them anywhere. So we can use the smartclips in our gym, but just as well in the garden! We can use them variably; individually with a client, in pairs or in groups, with or without a game element. Very nice, making the smartclips usable by all our clients at an appropriate level.

Review by Sanne van der Ark, movement educator

I actually use the SmartClips with all my patients, I have multiple disabled children (they already like the look of it). The higher level kids do enjoy course/tick games.

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Which SmartClips are the best fit for your clients?

SmartClips Uno



Quick manual

SmartClips Advanced


Case & holder with charging station

Quick manual

Attachment toolkit

SmartClips Complete


Case with charging station

Quick manual

Attachment toolkit

Inspiration & Explanation Videos

Technical Facts

8 hours

on a single battery charge


Choose from pre-programmed exercises for neurological disorders, CVA problems, hip and knee rehabilitation. Or develop your own exercises by very easily setting things like speed, duration, light and sound signals.

10 - 120cm

setting distance of the sensor.

Advanced technology

Bluetooth Mesh technology guarantees a very fast and stable connection with very low power consumption. The SmartClips work with motion sensors that you can easily set for sensitivity and minimum distance.


possible indoor distance between 2 clips with 8 clips you measure a course of 250m

Measurable & easy

Measure activities, both individually and as a team. Results are available in real time. With the comprehensive toolkit, you easily and securely attach the SmartClips to a (play) device, wall, floor or other object. Indoors or outdoors, the SmartClips are splash-proof.

We are very pleased to see how many customers have discovered our innovative product range in so little time. From healthcare facilities to education. From municipal sports provider to rehabilitation center. And once a customer, additional purchases are often made in assortment or quantity. We would like to thank all our customers in each province! Your trust in our products is incredibly valuable to us, and we always strive to provide high-quality solutions.
The SmartClips app (Android and iOS)
Seeing, or even better doing is believing, right?