SmartWall, gaming and active exercise

SmartWall, the interactive wall, makes learning even more fun
The SmartWall is there for everyone
The SmartWall has games for all ages and audiences. For example, for leisure parks: Offer your guests something a little different. The SmartWall can offer the distinction, even in bad weather. Now everyone can play sports and games indoors very easily and without supervision. Or use the SmartWall in sports; exercise less seriously for a while, but still nice and intense. For example, practice aiming and shooting with the penalty games. The Smartwall is very useful in care; It seems very busy for people with intellectual disabilities but many like it so much and don’t know when to stop.

Specially designed to bring fun to exercise through gamification.

How does the SmartWall work?
Review of Activite
Review of Up social club
Review of Activite

For our nursing home, we deployed the smartwall, smartclips and the smartbike. Super nice and good to use in exercise for our residents. Fine guidance from Embedded Fitness.

Review of Up social club

The SmartWall is a super fun device for our target audience!!!

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Technical Facts

The games

The first year you get all the games. And there are over fifty of them now. Games for education, as well as games for going a little crazy.


The SmartWall was developed first and foremost to have fun. Children are gaining pleasure in exercise. We use that fun in our games to make learning even more fun, too.

1 year free service

This gives you access to all our games. Want to renew the service contract? Then this will stay that way! You also get 5 new games every year and the free help desk remains available.

Mobile or fixed?

The SmartWall comes in two versions. The fixed version is ceiling mounted. This makes it even easier to use. But, with the mobile version, you are very flexible. Do you have multiple locations? Then choose the mobile version.



What do I get?
  • All games (first year)
  • The SmartWall unit + control tablet with sleeve
  • 1 year game and software maintenance + hardware warranty
  • 1 year of free helpdesk access
  • On-site instruction
  • Lots of fun


We are very pleased to see how many customers have discovered our innovative product range in so little time. From healthcare facilities to education. From municipal sports provider to rehabilitation center. And once a customer, additional purchases are often made in assortment or quantity.

We would like to thank all our customers in each province! Your trust in our products is incredibly valuable to us, and we always strive to provide high-quality solutions.

How do I choose my optimal Smartwall design?

We will go through the following steps with you:

1. Who is your target audience?

What themes are important and are there boundary conditions in management and use.

2. To move or not to move?

Do you have a fixed location or want to share and sometimes move the Smartwall.

3. Location

Sometimes taking learning to the gym is less appropriate than moving to the classroom. We therefore advocate placing the Smartwall in an exercise room in the school more often than in the gymnasium. That's exactly where you have to run hard. And in school, very simple groups of students can expend their energy for a while and get smarter right away. Two birds with one stone.

4. Appropriate arrangement

Depending on the location and variant choice, we examine light and altitude conditions. So you get best fitting arrangement.

What can this interactive wall do for you?
Do you want:
  • Offering your customers something unique?
  • Get people moving nicely?
  • Getting clients to be active together?
  • Getting employees to relax?
  • Train differently for once?
  • Having a lot of fun?
  • No fuss
Then the SmartWall is what you need…. Moreover, with more than 50 games, the SmartWall never gets bored; there is always a suitable game to challenge people to exercise. Keep score in the accompanying app and challenge everyone to win.
Seeing, or even better doing is believing, right?
Want to try out the SmartWall sometime? You are welcome to visit our Inspiration Center. Or would you prefer to explore the SmartWall’s capabilities at your own location? Then request a free, no-obligation demo. Then we will come to you with the SmartWall.Bring your target audience with you. You will see, their enthusiasm becomes your enthusiasm.