Digigym makes fit and smart

Obesity causes higher health care costs, physical limitations, poorer quality of life and ultimately higher mortality. Inactivity is one of the main causes. Combating it is becoming more and more important and thus also provides opportunities for companies and institutions.
More gym hours in primary schools. That is the ambition in the Coalition Agreement ‘Bridges Slaan’ (2012) In the Administrative Agreement Primary Education 2014, the PO Council and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) made agreements on, among other things, more and better quality physical education lessons.

Schools run into obstacles such as insufficient financial resources, inadequate accommodations and too few qualified teachers. The Ministry endorses the issue and is also looking for solutions to improve physical education in elementary school. In the context of this issue, we want to use technology to create an approachable solution.
By starting to use the Digiboard in education for movement activities, it becomes possible to move more without running into barriers.Specifically, the project focuses on the development of an applied games concept for primary education.

The IWB is used to provoke playful instructive movement at different times during the day, both in class and for individual students: several times a day there is then time for a moment of movement.
This project was honored as a project idea by ZonMw Sportinnovator and developed by Embedded Fitness in 2016. A trampoline game has been developed where children can do math while jumping.
Testing and validation took place in collaboration with Pabo de Kempel, OBS Helmond, JIBB and Fontys ICT.

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