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Rehabilitation after hip surgery appears to be the main reason for admission to a rehabilitation center or nursing home. This involves the use of physical and/or occupational therapy to regain independence. Often, from a chain care perspective, the (trauma) surgeon, rehabilitation physician, transfer physician and therapist (intra- and extramural) are also involved. Given the long treatment pathways and the pressure on healthcare (and healthcare costs), a need arises for more efficient and better treatment methods and exercises.

This group is also at risk of remaining inactive. Once at home, they are less motivated to exercise, and especially after they are officially declared cured, this danger lurks. Inactivity leads to apathy resulting in all mental and physical problems. Moreover, in the home situation, much care burden also falls on the shoulders of informal caregivers.


Developing Smartforward4health SmartClip with the goal of providing specific exergames (exercises, independent and guided) for patients (before and) after hip surgery to support and/or accelerate the rehabilitation process. In addition, the exergames will improve therapists’ services.


Eventually, specific exercises were developed for not only people who have undergone hip surgery, but also for CVA and parkinson’s patients aimed at recovery training, improving balance, condition, coordination or reducing the risk of falling. Some Smartclips have been developed with an app that allows patients to perform their own exercises at home. The LEDs and sound in the Smartclip trigger people and motivate them to exercise more actively and often. The results of the exercises are measurable. This has resulted in marked improvement in skills such as motor learning and or recovery. To make the use of the Smartclip even more flexible, SmartClipsPads and a holder have been developed, which now allow one to stand on the Smartclip and make it easy to place the Clip on smooth surfaces. The specifically developed care module has been developed in the app and can be taken further into the market.

This development was created in cooperation with FysioRakthof, Fontys Paramedische Hogeschool, Basalt rehabilitation, Haagse Hogeschool and with MIT ZUID R&D support.

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